about the project

Universum College (Kosovo), in cooperation with Szent István University (Hungary), J. Selye University (Slovakia), and Metropolitan University Prague (Czech Republic) is organizing the Entrepreneurship Weekend 2 – V4 Entrepreneurship experience. This project is a continuation of Entrepreneurship Weekend 1 – V4 Entrepreneurship experience, this time a focus on ICT related business ideas.  The project is funded by the Visegrad Fund.

The goal of the project is to bring the Visegrad entrepreneurship culture and influence to Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro youth, with Likewise, EW 2 intends to continue and extend the cooperation between academia, communities, and businesses already established during the first EW, as a means to ensuring the development of more sustainable business ideas. Essentially the idea behind EW is to get young people on board with the entrepreneurial mindset in order to generate economic growth and employment opportunities for Balkan countries by following the best Visegrad experiences in this context. Hereby, ICT entrepreneurship workshops will be delivered by three different Universities from Visegrad countries and one from Kosovo in the fields of Idea generation, Market Validation, Product Development, and Business Growth. During and after the workshops, the participants will receive support in developing their business ideas which will at the end of the EW 2 be pitched to the members of Business Angels Network (primarily funded by Universum) and the best ideas will receive funding. This project aims to identify regional challenges Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro face when it comes to entrepreneurship. Most importantly, through EW 2 these countries will come up with possibilities and opportunities on how to overcome regional obstacles together, resulting in a faster economic development and EU integration.


Target Group

The project is dedicated to young people aged 20-35 from Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania, who are ambitious, graduated, and have been unemployed for more than 6 months.
Idea generation
Market Validation
Product Development
Business Growth